how it works

Scroll down to learn more, and feel free to message me on Instagram if you have any questions!

Book Consultation

Direct message me on Instagram to book your free, no obligation consultation. Lasts around 20 minutes – we’ll discuss what you’re after and how my online coaching works. I will not ask you if you want to start up during the consultation.

Starting Content

If you decide to start up, you will sign up to the online coaching membership – which is £120 a month and cancellable at any time. You will then be sent a host of starting content. Including welcome, nutritional and exercise handbooks. Screen recordings of how to use MyFitnessPal and your workout area.

Starting Questionnaire

You will then fill out a detailed starting questionnaire. This will allow me to work out your guideline calorie and protein numbers for your own body and goals. It will also allow me to start building your online workout area.

Away You Go

Through the handbooks and screen recordings within your starting content you will be shown how to put your new calorie/protein numbers into MyFitnessPal (the food tracking app), and taught how to use it in a stripped-back, non-obsessive way. You will also be taught how to use your online workout area. You will then book in for your first, weekly, FaceTime check-in.

Weekly FaceTime Check-ins

Each week we will FaceTime for around 20 minutes. I will be able to see your workout area and nutrition at my end. We will review how you’re getting on, I will answer any questions you have, and I will progress your nutrition/workout area if needed.

Workout Area

The initial complexity of your workout area will depend on your starting point, how many times a week on average you can train in the beginning, and whether you’re planning on training at home (body weight workouts can be created) or in the gym. As time passes it will evolve inline with how you progress. Click the button below to get an idea of how it works.


Fundamentally you have to be eating a guideline number of calories/protein for your own body/goals to improve your body shape. For the first time, you will be in a position that removes doubt, assuming you track your food in the non-obsessive way I’ll be teaching you. You will be taught how to take control of your own nutrition, whilst still eating the things you enjoy – I actively push my clients to still eat cake and drink alcohol!


As the months pass we will progress your nutrition and exercise, checking in weekly via FaceTime. When ever you are ready, you can either fully walk away, or we can gradually drop you down to two check-ins  a month (£60 a month) and eventually once a month (£30 a month). Some stay for over a year, some for only three months. Whatever works for you, this service is here for that!

End game

I am passionate about pushing people through a process of re-education on how to feed and train their own body, to achieve their goals, in a way that suits their own lifestyle. Eventually walking away with an improved body shape and all the knowledge to sustain it. Never having to do fad diets again!