Online Exercise, Nutritional, & Lifestyle Coaching.

A holistic, personal, approach. Helping incorporate the required nutritional & exercise protocols into your life to improve your body shape & lifestyle.


Weekly FaceTime check-in


Full structure & re-education


Calories for your own body/goals


Individual workout routine/app

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What You Get

Weekly FaceTime Check-In

A weekly 1-1 FaceTime check-in lasting around 20 minutes. This is what separates this service from generic ‘online plans’ – You will have questions you want to ask each week,  I will put context on your food tracking and exercise. 


Calorie and protein numbers specific to your own body and goals. You will be taught how to use a food tracking app in a stripped-back, non-obessive way. Removing doubt when looking to improve your body shape, whilst still eating the things you enjoy.


A specific workout plan will be built for you based on the equipment you do (or don’t) have available. You will have videos explaining the key form points, and will be logging your best weights/reps in house. This will be progressed as times goes on.


I also help you improve your sleep hygiene, hydration, food choices, and daily movement. Females, I will also be teaching you how to work with your menstrual cycle. Finally, I help you improve your relationship with yourself too – mental health is at the heart of this process.


1. Nutritional ebook 2. Exercise ebook. 3. How to use My Fitness Pal screen recording. 4. How to use your workout area screen recording. 5.  Other educational content on genetics, sleep, the menstrual cycle, and human evolution.

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“This is not some fad 12 week weight loss guide containing a generic exercise and meal plan. It’s as real as online coaching gets; you will have all of the tools to eat and train progressively for your own body and goals in the palm of your hand. Teaching you incorporate it into your daily routine whilst still eating the foods you enjoy.”

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