Personal Trainer and Advanced Nutritionist – Northwich

Experienced & repeatedly proven in improving body shapes and lifestyles. Scroll down to book your free, no-obligation consultation.


Structure outside of PT sessions


Still eat and drink the things you enjoy


No long drawn out cardio sessions


£35 per weekly one hour session

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You do NOT need to be a member of Namix Performance to personal train with me out of there!

How It Works

What You Get


No plodding along on the treadmill. You will be educated on how to lift weights with optimal form, reps, sets and structure.


Calorie and protein numbers specific to your own body and goals. You will be logging what you eat through a food tracking app, yet still eating the foods you enjoy. #Balance

Independent Training

When you walk into the gym outside of your personal training sessions you will know exactly what to do via a personalised online workout area.


You will be progressed through more advanced exercises/workouts as time passes. Ensuring your body shape keeps improving.

“I’ve lost weight off the scales, my body shape has drastically changed & I now know what to do in the gym & what to fuel my body with. Trust in him, believe in yourself & you can do this!!!”  

Client Vicky

 “I have been training with Sam for three months now and have already seen vast improvements. He has educated me on how to exercise properly and on how to feed my own body effectively.”

Client Sean

“I’ve been training with Sam for four months and have finally found a structured fitness plan that’s giving me results. I had spent years doing cardio and saw no change to my body shape.”

Client Katie

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