All online graduates have totally transformed their health and body shapes through a process of education, balance, and an appreciation of time. Removing years of yo-yo dieting and making lasting change!


”Sam saved my life! I lost nearly half my body weight in just over a year and not once did I feel like I was on a ‘diet’. I was dubious, initially, about hiring an online Nutritional Consultant as I wasn’t aware that’s what I actually needed!”

Favourite Food: Ice Cream

Favourite Drink: Corona

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Nathan joined my Online Academy after being warned by his doctor that if he didn’t take immediate action, he would be sending himself to an early grave. At 5”5 and weighing 24stone, he had tried and failed to ‘diet’ multiple times over the years. He, like all students, was given a guideline daily calorie number. Then educated on how to implement it into his life sustainably. He did not remove any food or drink from his life (ice cream was a weekly occurrence). He went on to lose 11stone in 13 months, and in his words “not once did he feel like he was on a diet”. 

Learned lesson: Creating a relaxed calorie boundary makes weight loss tangible.


”I thought I only needed help exercising, how wrong I was. I needed help with my nutrition! Sam’s online approach of weekly FaceTime check-ins and structure has been a game-changer, both nutritionally and exercise programming.”

Favourite Food: Chinese takeaway 

Favourite Drink: Cider


”The Academy has taught me how to manage my own nutrition and exercise in a way that has improved my body shape, whilst allowing me to lead a perfectly normal social life”

Favourite Food: MacDonalds

Favourite Drink: Prosecco

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Sophie joined the Academy confused, and in her eyes, like many young people, under great pressure to look a certain way due to social media. She was fighting a common battle between wanting to improve her body shape and lead a ‘normal’ life. Being given a guideline calorie target for her own body and goals and being taught how to view them over a seven-day average, allowed her to improve her body shape, whilst still leading a normal social life. As you can see, she has dropped body fat and increased muscle mass!

Learned lesson: You can, and should, still be enjoying social occasions whilst on your weight loss journey.


“I always assumed I needed to lose weight. Once in the Academy, I learned I in fact needed to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. My ‘weight’ actually increased. Sam’s nutritional guidance and online exercise programming was first class!”

Favourite Food: Gummy Bears

Favourite Drink: Red Wine

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James joined the Academy thinking he had to lose weight. In his initial questionnaire he actually wrote his goal as weight loss. James wasn’t eating enough calories, so we increased them to suit his own body shape and goal. And got him walking into the gym lifting weights in a progressive manner. James’s weight has increased by over a stone as he has dramatically increased his muscle mass. But I think you will agree he looks amazing now!

Learned lesson: Improving your body shape doesn’t always mean losing weight.


”Before joining the Academy, I wasn’t happy with my body. I joined a gym, I went to classes, I had what I thought was a healthy diet. But my body shape wasn’t changing, and I didn’t know what I was doing”

Favourite Food: Percy Pigs

Favourite Drink: Prosecco

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Megan was the perfect example of confusing what she thought she needed, with what she actually needed. Working together to structure her nutrition in a way that suits her has been key. All done remotely via video calls.

Learned lesson: A nutritional consultant is what most need.


”I’d been using the gym for years, but my weight kept going up. Through the Academy I’ve been educated about my calorie intake and how to train properly. I’m now not on a ‘diet’, yet I’ve lost three and a half stone. All done remotely via video calls.”

Favourite Food: Ice Cream

Favourite Drink: Port

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Before joining the Academy, Ian was already a regular gym goer. Yet his weight continued to creep up, much to his frustration. He was unaware that his calories had been slowing creeping up as time passed, and because he had no idea of his day to day calorie intake. He was given a calorie number specific for his body and goals, his weight loss journey now became tangible, because he had boundaries. He was in full control of what he filled his calories up with and walked into the gym knowing exactly what he was doing. Ian graduated three and a half stone lighter!

Learned lesson: Exercise alone rarely proves successful for weight loss.


“Before I joined the Academy I always went on ‘diets’ and didn’t last long before getting bored and ‘falling off the wagon’. Now I have complete structure in what I’m eating and how I’m exercising”

Favourite Food: Margarita Pizza

Favourite Drink: Espresso Martini

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Before joining the Academy, Kat had no real structure when it came to her nutrition or exercise. She had a bad relationship with food, trying to remove all ‘bad’ foods and then ‘falling off the wagon’. She, like all students, was given a relaxed daily calorie goal specific for her own body and goals, that she could view over a seven-day average. This totally changed her relationship with food as nothing was off the menu! She was in total control of her own journey. Kat has graduated with increased muscle mass and decreased body fat. She is keeping up her new lifestyle still to this day.

Learned lesson: You should still be consuming all the things you enjoy when looking to improve your body shape.


”I joined the Academy because I frankly had no idea what I was doing when it came to losing weight. The realistic, progressive, and structured approach has help me lose over five stone”

Favourite Food: Cheesy Chips

Favourite Drink: Budweiser

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Before joining the Academy, Matt had tried all sorts of methods to lose weight. He took up running, tried slimmer’s world, eating ‘clean’ etc. He had no knowledge of calories in, calories out. By giving Matt structure and letting him take control of his own calorie deficit, he was removing error when it came to losing weight. He went on to lose over five stone – whilst still drinking his favourite beer most weekends!

Learned lesson: Sustainability is key for weight loss. If you can’t see yourself doing long-term, its already failed.


”I’d been using the gym for years, but my weight kept going up. Through the Academy I’ve been educated about my calorie intake and how to train properly. I’m now not on a ‘diet’, yet I’ve lost three and a half stone”

Favourite Food: Lindt Chocolate

Favourite Drink: Prosecco

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Jo was a busy Mum when she signed up to the Academy. She was constantly tired and wasn’t happy with how she looked. She was reminded that if she was to serve those she loved most, she must first make sure that she was happy and healthy. She absorbed that message and took full responsibility of her weight loss journey. Letting her fit her calorie deficit and exercise into her life on her terms allowed her to fit it in around her kids. She graduated with an improved body shape and levels of energy she never knew existed!

Learned lesson: Finding deeper reasons keeps you focused on your weight loss journey.


“Like every person that wants to lose weight I tried to ‘diet’ and eat well, but the weight never came off. The academy introduced me to a way to help me lose weight without having to sacrifice my whole lifestyle.”

Favourite Food: Sweet and Sour chicken

Favourite Drink: Magners

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Josh was an unusual student to the Academy in the sense that he couldn’t exercise. He had a chronic back injury and had only just started a course of physiotherapy. Non the less he was determined to lose weight through nutrition alone. Josh graduated through the academy three and a half stone lighter, having never once stepped foot in a gym. His success was down to sticking to the calorie deficit created for him.

Learned lesson: Weight loss can occur without the need of exercise.


”The Academy has taught me that I can, and should, still eat the things I enjoy. It put me in control of my weight loss and allowed me to walk into the gym knowing exactly what I’m doing.”

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Drink: White Wine

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Before joining the Academy, Molly was constantly trying to eat too little, then naturally ‘giving up’ and overeating again. She also spent all her time in the gym on cardio machines. Once sighed up we gave her a sustainable calorie number specific to her goals and body shape. She was educated on how to adapt her nutrition to her own life. Finally, she was moved over to a full, progressive, weights-based workout routine!

Learned lesson: Eating too little is not sustainable for weight loss.


”Once in the Academy my calories were actually increased. I was educated how to build my nutrition and exercise around my own life. I still led an active social life, who says you have to ‘diet’!?”

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Drink: Any beer!

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Rob is a classic case of assuming weight loss was necessary in order to improve his body shape. In his case, it was not. Alongside a weights-based routine his calories were increased to create an environment where muscle promotion could optimally occur. He still eat and drank his favourite things! Not a diet in sight, instead, an understanding of calories, protein and exercise specific for his body and goals.

Learned lesson: Improving your body shape means adding a new weight – muscle.


“I never thought an online system would work for me. But the Academy taught me to take control of my own nutrition and exercise on my terms. I am educated for life!”

Favourite Food: Cheese and Crackers

Favourite Drink: Prosecco

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Grace was a new Mum when she joined the Academy, with very little free time. However, she was given a guideline calorie number for her own body and goal and was taught how to view it over a seven day average. Exercise was slotted into her life a few times a week. We found what worked for Grace’s own circumstances, leading to her graduating with a improved body shape!

Learned lesson: Individuality is a key ingredient for long-term adherence.


”I always thought losing weight had to be a miserable experience, which is probably why I have failed so many times before. The Academy swiftly changed that! I am lighter than I have been in years and not a salad in sight.”

Favourite Food: Scones

Favourite Drink: Guiness

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Chris had tried to lose weight multiple times before. But like many, he took the all-in approach – removing all ‘bad’ foods. Which inevitably led to him giving up. In the Academy he was taught that calories are calories when it comes to weight loss. He could fill his target calories with what he wanted, when he wanted! He went on to lose three stone.

Learned lesson: Weight loss is not as simple as removing ‘bad’ foods.


”From the moment I joined the Academy I could tell this was for the normal person, wanting to still do normal person things, whilst improving their body shape.”

Favourite Food: Twister Ice Lolly

Favourite Drink: Strawberry Milkshake

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Once in the academy Jade very quickly got to grips with her calorie target specific for her own body and goal. It created a foundation for her to build her nutrition into her daily life. She was surprised to find that she was being told to still eat the things she enjoyed! She also walked into the gym knowing exactly what she was doing. She graduated with a leaner body shape and a much healthier relationship with food.

Learned lesson: You can still lose weight whilst doing ‘normal person things’.


”I’m 33 pounds lighter, and actually educated on how to lead a balanced life! The academy pushed me through a process of habitual, sustainable change. I will never need to ‘diet’ again!”

Favourite Food: Pub Burger & Chips

Favourite Drink: Carling 

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Will was your classic stop-start ‘dieter’. He had tried repeatedly over the years to lose weight, but never managed to last longer than a month. He had finally accepted that he needed help, and that quick fixes were never going to work. He consistently hit the calorie and protein numbers laid out for him over a period of time, graduating over two stone lighter. 

Learned lesson: Food tracking, when taught correctly, is liberating, not restrictive.